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Overpaid Public Workers: The Evidence Mounts

One year ago, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation increasing the pension and health contributions of public-sector employees and restricting their collective-bargaining power. The governor set off a firestorm that continues today, with a recall effort being waged against him and his allies.
In Ohio, Gov. John Kasich signed similar legislation only to see it repealed in a statewide referendum last November. And nationwide, as governors and legislators seek to rein in labor costs, public-employee unions are protesting that their members are actually underpaid. But a growing body of evidence strongly suggests that their protests have no basis in fact.

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By Arthur B. Laffer
Wall Street Journal
April 11, 2012
Christina Romer’s recent New York Times article claims, “…that the incentive effects of marginal rates are small…,” and that proponents of supply-side policies are arguing, “…from ideology, not solid evidence.”
Ironically, these claims are diametrically opposed to the findings in her own academic research.
Instead, careful examination of the facts has demonstrated that broad-based low flat rate taxes promote economic growth while doing so in the least distortionary way.

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