January 23, 2018
23 Jan 2018

Political Update – December 27, 2017

Secretary of State: Petition to recall Democratic state senator Nicole Cannizzaro has enough signature to trigger election


Michelle Rindels, Riley Snyder
The Nevada Independent
December 19, 2017


More than a month after supporters of an effort to recall Democratic state Sen. Nicole Cannizzaro turned in the recall petition, Nevada election officials have narrowly ruled that it has enough signatures to trigger a special election.

By a slim margin of 43 signatures, election officials with the Nevada Secretary of State’s office said Tuesday that the petition to recall Cannizzaro had reached the required threshold to trigger a special election — though Democrats, as they did in another recall effort, are likely to immediately challenge the signature total in court, which would block an election from immediately going forward.

The effort needed 14,975 valid signatures, and garnered 15,018 after officials removed signatures from people who had asked them to be stricken after the fact. Recall backers turned in 16,875 signatures to recall Cannizzaro, a freshman state senator first elected in November 2016.

The petition comes after attorneys for Cannizzaro cried foul over Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske’s outlined process for reviewing signatures and removal requests submitted as part of the recall petition. Though Cegavske’s office defended their process of determining valid signature removal requests, attorneys for the group fighting the recalls said in a letter earlier this week they had found several “apparent discrepancies” in the published number of signature removal requests.




Quote of the week

Quote of the week


"Today is historic. Following the most anti-business and pro-felon legislature in NV history, a second recall was qualified today. Despite shameful efforts to shut down these recalls, the voices of tens of thousands of Nevadans are being heard. This is what democracy looks like."
  - Nevada State Senator Michael Roberson,
The Nevada Independent,
December 19, 2017


Average middle-class Nevadan family to see $610 gain from tax reform

Robert Fellner
December 21, 2017

The just-passed tax reform bill lowers the tax rate for all income groups and is estimated to result in an average $610 annual savings for middle-income Nevada families, according to an analysis from the nonpartisan Tax Foundation.



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Keystone's Mission:

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