February 28, 2018
28 Feb 2018

Political Update – February 27, 2018

IndyOutlook: Tax Foundation ranks Nevada fifth in the nation for favorable business environment


By John Restrepo
The Nevada Independent
February 20th, 2018


It’s February of 2018 and we’re now less than a year away from the start of the next Nevada legislative session. Seems like a good time to talk taxes. State taxes, that is — we already looked at a version of the federal tax plan in our last Indy contribution.

The Tax Foundation has released its 2018 Business Tax Climate Index, and in it they found Nevada has the fifth most favorable tax environment for businesses. The index looks at five taxes – state income tax, sales tax, corporate tax, property tax and unemployment insurance tax – and weights them based on business impacts, then computes a score between 0 and 10 for each tax type and for the state overall (10 is the best possible score, achieved by not having the tax type in question).

Nevada’s 2018 score was 6.46, essentially unchanged since 2016. The passage of the Commerce Tax in 2015 knocked the state from the number 3 spot and dropped its index score by about one point. While the corporate tax structure is in the middle of the pack, its sales and unemployment taxes are near the bottom of the barrel. Nevada’s high ranking is due in large part to its absence of an income tax, which is given the most weight in the index, as well as relatively low property tax rates.





Quote of the week

Quote of the week


"You know what’s audacious? Trying to mandate Nevada double its minimum wage and then chairing a political group looking for unpaid interns. If you think workers need a boost, try paying the people you hire."
 - Victor Joecks,
Las Vegas Review-Journal,
February 22nd, 2018


Political party pushing minimum wage hike seeks unpaid interns

By Victor Joecks
Las Vegas Review-Journal
February 22, 2018

During the past legislative session, Democratic lawmakers sought to increase the state’s minimum wage. Today, Nevada Democrats are actively recruiting dozens of unpaid interns.

All political campaigns rely on volunteers. But the unpaid internships offered by the Nevada Democratic Party are much more involved than that. The job description reveals that interns must work 10 to 15 hours a week for a minimum of 15 weeks.




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Keystone's Mission:

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