April 3, 2018
03 Apr 2018

Political Update – April 2, 2018


Laxalt opposes commerce tax, but campaign manager sees little chance for repeal


By Ray Hagar,
Nevada Newsmakers
April 2nd, 2018


Nevada’s commerce tax has little chance of being repealed, although Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt opposes it, said Robert Uithoven, Laxalt’s campaign manager.

The commerce tax was at the core of $1.4 billion in new taxes enacted by a Republican-controlled Legislature in 2015. It applies to the state’s largest businesses and has drawn the ire of many conservatives.

“When the commerce tax was first proposed, Adam Laxalt said he opposed it,” Uithoven said Wednesday on Nevada Newsmakers. “Adam Laxalt still opposes it today.”

But a drive to repeal the tax has little chance for success, he said.

“It appears like the organizers of the commerce tax repeal are not going to be able to get the signatures, that I have been able to tell, to put a repeal (question) on the ballot,” Uithoven said.

Conservative lawmakers who oppose the tax also have little chance of passing a bill to repeal it in the 2019 Legislature, Uithoven said.

“It would arguably be tough with a Republican Legislature to repeal the commerce tax and with a Democratic Legislature, even more daunting,” he said.

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, is opposed to repealing the tax.

But Laxalt, who is the state attorney general, and Sandoval, who has served two terms as governor and is not eligible to run again, agree on many issues, especially on education, Uithoven said. Laxalt shares Sandoval’s support for Education Savings Accounts and Opportunity Scholarships, he said.

“I think there will be a lot more in common than there are differences,” Uithoven said. He said Laxalt would continue “with the economic reforms we have seen, a lot of the economic growth that we’ve seen.”






Quote of the week

Quote of the week


"Before the Governor championed raising wages and hiring more correctional officers — further burdening taxpayers with higher government spending — the very least he should have done was address the fundamentally abusive and wasteful practice of paying overtime to those who aren’t even working a full shift."
 - NPRI Transparency
Director Robert Fellner
March 12th, 2018


Government workers collected overtime pay despite not working a full 40-hour week

By Robert Fellner
March 12, 2018

The Nevada Policy Research Institute is pleased to celebrate Sunshine Week — a national campaign stressing the importance of government transparency and accountability — by releasing 2017 salary data for more than 115,000 state and local government workers on TransparentNevada.com.

TransparentNevada.com — the state’s largest public pay database — is the Institute’s ongoing transparency project, allowing citizens the ability to see how, exactly, their tax dollars are being spent.



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Keystone's Mission:

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