October 23, 2018
23 Oct 2018

Political Update – October 23, 2018


Adam Laxalt Is The Clear Choice for Governor

Las Vegas Review Journal
October 12, 2018

The Review-Journal enthusiastically endorses Attorney General Adam Laxalt to serve as Nevada’s next governor.

Here’s why:

Under the administration of Republican Gov. Brian Sandoval, Nevada has emerged from the depths of the Great Recession. Unemployment — which hit 13.7 percent 2010 — is now near all-time lows. Robust job growth and a revitalized housing market are in stark contrast to the dire conditions that existed less than a decade ago. Meanwhile, sales and gaming tax collections — which constitute more than half the state’s general fund — are again at healthy levels and growing.

Term limits prevent Gov. Sandoval seeking re-election this year. And as the November election approaches, Nevada voters have a clear choice. Do they prefer a candidate who will continue to pursue an agenda of growth, opportunity and prosperity through policies that encourage scholarship, entrepreneurship and innovation, or would they rather support a candidate likely to raise taxes, preserve the status quo when it comes to public schools and oversee an expansion of Nevada’s regulatory state?



Quote of the week



“High on Mr. Laxalt’s list is preserving the state’s reputation as a low-tax state while promoting policies that will attract jobs and new private investment to Nevada.”

Las Vegas Review Journal

October 12, 2018

Laxalt Talks About His Healthcare and Economic Development

Victor Joekes

Las Vegas Review Journal
October 18, 2018

Nevada should institute Medicaid work requirements for healthy adults and encourage doctors to come and remain in Nevada, according to Republican gubernatorial candidate and attorney general Adam Laxalt. He also thinks Nevada should focus its economic development efforts on removing barriers to entry, instead of providing tax breaks to select companies.

“While I’ve pledged that I’m not going to rollback the Medicaid expansion, we need to make sure that Medicaid is preserved for the people that most need it,” Laxalt said while filming Nevada Politics Today. Medicaid “was created for people who can’t work, people we all agree deserve a safety net. I certainly would sign Nevada up for the work requirement.”

Laxalt said a work requirement would help people experience the “dignity of work.” He proposed following the example of Kentucky and other states that have received waivers from the federal government to implement work requirements.
While Steve Sisolak, Laxalt’s opponent, wants to convene a group to come up with health care recommendations, Laxalt said he’s already done that.

“I have put together a group of professionals,” he said. “We’ve been looking at that for many months. That’s reflected in my policy. We’ve already identified the major issues.


Keystone’s Mission:

To recruit, support and advocate for candidates for public office who support private sector job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment, and effective delivery of essential state services.

Keystone’s Mission:

• To focus on candidate support on state legislative races and the governor’s office.
• To oppose any form of corporate income taxes or other business taxes that discourage capital investment and therefore job creation.
• Support limiting Nevada state government spending to the rate of population growth.

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