April 16, 2019
16 Apr 2019

Political Update – April 16, 2019


Nevadans get low return on taxpayer investments, study finds 

Michael Carroll

April 10, 2019

Nevada ranked in the bottom 10 on a new national study that examined whether residents of individual states are getting a good return on their tax revenues in the form of decent public services.

The study titled “States with the Best & Worst Taxpayer ROI” by the website WalletHub found that Nevada ranked 43rd in the quality of its public services, which includes public education, health, public safety, economy, and infrastructure and pollution. And in terms of whether Nevadans are getting an adequate return on their investment of state and local tax funds, the Silver State ranked 45th, suggesting that taxpayer funds per capita are not providing a lot of bang for the buck compared to other states.

For some public policy experts, the results were not surprising.

“One of the key takeaways from this study is that the amount of taxes spent isn’t nearly as important as how that money is spent,” Michael Schaus, communications director of the Nevada Policy Research Institute, said in an email.

For too long, Nevada lawmakers have depended too much on government solutions instead of allowing the private sector to take a bigger role in helping to address societal issues, according to Schaus.

“Nevada lawmakers have long held the belief that, in many cases, government can do things better than the private sector,” he said. “From education to energy to economic development, Nevada taxpayers are constantly funding failed central planning boondoggles thought up by government insiders and lobbyists.”

Specifically, Schaus pointed to what he called the state’s abysmal public education system and the state’s reluctance to allow alternatives to traditional public school settings.

“At the end of the day, we should be reminded that the private sector – where individuals risk their own money on projects and ventures – is where there will be higher return on investment, precisely because there are no taxpayer-funded bailouts for wasteful spending or poor investments,” he said.


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“Nevada’s low taxpayer ROI is a direct result of the high taxes its residents pay, almost $4,000 per capita, without benefiting from quality government services.” Jill Gonzalez,
WalletHub Analyst 

Drive to $12 per hour: Minimum wage increase eyed by Nevada lawmakers

John Sadler
Las Vegas Sun

April 11, 2019

…Paul Moradkhan, vice president of government affairs for the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce, said the chamber conducted an internal survey that showed members said a minimum wage increase would hurt their business and could lead to reactions such as decreased hours for employees or increased costs for goods.

Laura Nowlan, executive director of the Nevada Hispanic Business Group, bemoaned the measure as further regulations on small businesses.

“We are, as small-business owners, the heartbeat of America, and so then as legislators making the decisions, you need to understand that if we are the heartbeat of America, the more regulations, fine and restrictions that you put out there for us, the harder it makes it for us to be able to help our economy,” she said.

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