March 10, 2020
10 Mar 2020

Political Update – March 10, 2020

Another billion dollar tax hike to ‘fix’ education?

Nevada Policy Research Institute
March 3, 2020

The Clark County Education Association is lobbying for a $1.4 billion tax hike to increase spending on public education.

This would raise Nevada’s average sales tax rate to nearly 10 percent — the highest in the nation. Here are some quick facts about this proposed tax increase and the current state of education funding in Nevada:

Nevadans can’t afford this tax increase:

  • Sales taxes are incredibly regressive — hurting low-and middle-income families the hardest.
  • Nevadans already earn less than residents of most other states, ranking 47th in terms of private-sector median earnings. 
  • This tax increase would require Nevadan to pay a nearly 10 percent average state sales tax rate —  the highest in the nation.

More spending does not mean better academic performance:

Nevada’s per-pupil spending levels, at more than $10,000 per student, are already comparable to states that have consistently higher levels of academic performance, such as Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Florida.

As the scatterplot below illustrates, simply spending more money is no guarantee of improved student learning. Other factors beyond per-pupil spending, such as accountability reforms, performance-based evaluations and educational choice programs, have been empirically proven to increase academic performance — as well as boost other important measures such as college enrollment, civic engagement and parental and student satisfaction.

There are alternatives to hiking taxes:

Rather than forcing Nevadans to pay the nation’s highest average sales tax, lawmakers should instead empower families with greater educational options. Policymakers should ensure students have access to the classrooms that suit their unique needs, rather than simply pouring more money into classrooms that don’t.

In the end, Nevadans deserve an educational system that actually works for students — not merely one that takes more hard-earned money away from working families.


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“Contrary to the narrative being pushed by advocates of government intervention, capitalism remains the most effective mechanism for producing widespread wealth and prosperity ever discovered — and the evidence is right in front of us.”

Robert Fellner
Nevada Policy Research Institute

Middle-class Americans are thriving, thanks to capitalism!

Robert Fellner
Nevada Policy Research Institute

March 5, 2020

Candidates in the Democrat presidential primary are united around a single message: middle-class Americans are not benefiting from the enormous gains in wealth and prosperity created by capitalism and, as such, government needs to play a much larger role in the economy.

This narrative is objectively false.

The unemployment rate is currently at 3.6% — the lowest level seen in 50 years. The 11.8 percent overall poverty rate is approaching an all-time low, with the rate for both African Americans and Hispanics having already hit that mark.  

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