May 5, 2020
05 May 2020

Political Update – May 5, 2020


Bob Ansara, owner of Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant in Las Vegas, is a Keystone Board Member.

Landmark eatery will not reopen, Ricardo’s owner cites valley’s long path to economic recovery

Heidi Knapp Rinella
Las Vegas Review-Journal

May 1, 2020

After more than 40 years in Las Vegas, Ricardo’s Mexican Restaurant has reached the end of the road.

Like a number of other dining establishments in Southern Nevada, it has been holding on by doing takeout, from 11:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. daily.

“But that’s really a Band-Aid,” said owner Bob Ansara, who added that his crew of 67 workers has been reduced to four, as the restaurant does about 20 percent of its regular sales volume. He plans to continue the service until the Nevada restaurant industry gets the OK to re-open its dining rooms.

“We’ll be here, ironically, until the governor opens us up,” Ansara said. “We’re going to close the day he opens the city. I don’t see re-opening (the restaurant) making any sense.”

Ansara said he decided to close because of a number of factors.

“I’ve been doing it for 40 years and eight months. Not that I don’t have another 10 in me,” said Ansara, 67, “because I do.” In making his decision, he considered his location at Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard, the changing demographics of the area and how much money he would need to invest in the business.

“I just don’t see a clear path forward,” he said. “When you take into consideration the hurt of the last two months and what it’s going to take to regenerate the business, and when I look ahead to the next 18 months and see what those months will be like … .”

Ansara trailed off, but he’s clearly thought long and hard about those months.

“I don’t think our recovery’s going to come all at once,” he said. “I think it’s going to be in dribs and drabs and starts and fits. If 300,000 people are out of work today, they’re not going to get rehired at the end of May.”


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“In many cases, those restrictions will be worse than being closed,” [Bob Ansara] said, in terms of limiting capacity, limiting party size and having a full-time person in charge of the restaurant’s sanitary requirements.

“While I think they’re all well-intentioned,” Ansara said, “I think they pretty much spell disaster for small businesses.”

Bob Ansara

The decision to ‘re-open’ the economy shouldn’t be government’s to make

Michael Schaus
Nevada Policy Research Institute

May 5, 2020

Destroying the financial hopes and dreams of thousands of Nevadans should have never been seen as the only way to combat a pandemic. And given the depth of the financial harm this shutdown has caused, getting people back to earning a living should, at this point, be considered equally as important as containing the spread of the virus.

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