Our Mission:

To recruit, support and advocate for candidates for public office who support
private sector 
job creation, low taxation, a responsible regulatory environment, 
and effective delivery of essential state services.

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A Political Action Organization for the

Nevada Business Professional

     We believe that American enterprise-based policies offer the right direction for the future of Nevada. Keystone’s goal is to find, support and develop the next generation of Nevada leadership that will move the Silver State in that direction.

     In 1995, Las Vegas was the site for that year’s Western States Republican Leadership Conference. As local hosts, a group of Nevada business leaders organized funding for the event. Following the hugely successful conference, however, and recognizing their camaraderie and common goals, the Silver State organizers agreed they should make their cooperation long-term.

     What they then organized was a Nevada non-profit corporation, known at the time as the Keystone Corporation. Its mission then, as now, was to promote more responsible government and a business-friendly environment. Its means would be to participate in the election process and send to Carson City men and women who share those same values.

     Keystone’s leaders do not take their role lightly. They feel an obligation to protect the businesses of Nevada through the selection of pro-business candidates who understand the principles that have made the American free enterprise system the strongest economic force in the world.

     Which candidates Keystone will support is determined through a formal process of interviews and research into the candidate’s background and beliefs. Once eligibility is confirmed, the candidates name is presented to the entire Keystone Board of Directors for approval.

     Financial support is provided through Keystone membership annual dues, and special events, such as the Annual Dinner held annually at the Venetian Hotel.

     Keystone has grown to be a major player in the Nevada electoral process. In an age where free enterprise and free markets are under siege from bureaucracy and over-regulation, Keystone stands as a rock solid defender of Nevada’s businesses and entrepreneurship.

     At its very beginning, Keystone was created to meet a need and to serve a purpose. That need and that purpose remain. This is the Keystone tradition, and it is why Keystone continues to exist.



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